International Symposium
DIAGNOSE 1968/2018
Critical Perspectives on the Legacy of Reform and Revolt in Architecture, Planning and Urbanism
IfA Forum, Institute of Architecture, Technische Universität Berlin,
Strasse des 17. Juni 152, 10623 Berlin


13.12.2018, 16.30 – 17.30
Wohnen Stadt Markt
A film lecture by Florian Wüst


Landscapes of Living
A film series curated by Florian Wüst

08.11. – 13.12.2018
Prinzenallee 59, 13359 Berlin


The shortage of affordable housing in big cities already stands as a global problem. The increasing privatisation of common housing properties, the rising costs of real estate and rent push out those who are not able to purchase property. Elsewhere, informal settlements represent both the failure of humane politics as well as the autonomy and self-organization of migrants. The traditional class struggle between work and capital appears to now be replaced by a struggle for space.

The film series Landscapes of Living focuses on how social, economic and cultural inequalities are inscribed into urban and rural living spaces. In addition to the political dimension of the housing question, the selection of international and predominately Latin American documentary films pursues the everyday worlds on the periphery as well as the topic of post-colonial migration and transformation processes.

The spectrum of filmic practices in Landscapes of Living – ranging from long-term observations to fictional constructions of reality to highly subjective narrative styles – makes apparent the areas of tension between appropriation and dispossession, participation and security in a special way. The mechanisms of social exclusion and structural violence are contrasted to narratives full of empathy, humour and resistance.

Thu, 08.11., 20:00
74 m2, Paola Castillo, Tiziana Panizza, CL 2012, 68'
The screening is followed by a talk with Pia Mastrantonio

Thu, 15.11., 20:00
Paradies! Paradies!, Kurdwin Ayub, AT 2016, 78'

Thu, 22.11., 20:00
Baronesa, Juliana Antunes, BR 2017, 70'
The screening is followed by a talk with Shirley Rodrigues

Thu, 29.11., 20:00
La Hortúa, Andrés Cháves, CO 2011, 24'
La Multitud, Martín Oesterheld, AR 2012, 60'
The screening is followed by a talk with Rosario Talevi and Maria Fernanda Agudelo Ganem

Thu, 06.12., 20:00
Absent Present, Angelika Levi, DE 2010, 84'
The screening is followed by a talk with Angelika Levi

Thu, 13.12., 20:00
El viento sabe que vuelvo a casa, José Luis Torres Leiva, CL 2016, 103 '
The screening is followed by a talk with Victor Cubillos